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Fire Emblem: A Divided Community

Out of all the current titles featured on Nintendo devices, Fire Emblem has caught the attention of many at this time. With the release of Fire Emblem Heroes for mobile devices and the launch of Fire Emblem Echoes for the 3DS, the series is better than ever. However, with the addition of various new mechanics and characters, the games have been well-received or disregarded depending on who you talk to. It all boils down to an old vs new debate … [Read More...]

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Tiger Mask W put down for rabies

It was announced with sadness today that famed hero Tiger Mask W had to be put down after showing symptoms of a rabid infection. Ringside doctors made the call after a disoriented and foaming Tiger Mask attacked wrestler Dragon Young during a match who instantly fell unconscious and started twitching. Read more... (c) Japanator - Read entire story here. … [Read More...]

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Uratarou – Despair That Brings Hope

For someone like me who has struggled with thoughts of despair, here comes a timely title that takes a violent look at their power. Nakayama Atsushi’s Uratarou is a new seinen manga series that stars 2 characters with two opposing philosophies of life. They get together to learn about what it means to live and die. In the theme of Mental Health Month, let’s go over the message the 1st part of the series wants to tell.Uratarou stars a young man … [Read More...]

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ONE PIECE UNLIMITED WORLD RED – DELUXE EDITION to hit PC and PS4 in Southeast Asia on 24th August

ONE PIECE UNLIMITED WORLD RED has sold over a million copies around the world, and now, it’s Deluxe Edition is about to hit Southeast Asia! The game’s Deluxe Edition will be available for both PC and PS4, and will come with several new features from technical and content side. It will be released on 24th August.... Read More The post ONE PIECE UNLIMITED WORLD RED – DELUXE EDITION to hit PC and PS4 in Southeast Asia on 24th … [Read More...]

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Strong Style: Wrapping up G1 26!

Hello fans and Welcome to Strong Style, Japanator's look at New Japan Pro Wrestling on AXS TV. For wrestling fans it is a VERY big weekend with Wrestlemania and all the other wrestling events happening in Orlando this weekend. After I finish here I'm plunking down and watching the WWE Hall of fame after watching WCPW earlier in the day. Lots to watch even if you aren't there in person. But right now the business at hand is the wrap up of the G1 … [Read More...]

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chanzlyn: Thanagarian Wonder Woman! This was such a fun mashup…

Photo: Michael Pellegrini Photo: Tier Seven Studio (Bellona Hawkgirl by my side) Photo: David Ngo (Bellona Hawkgirl by my side) Photo: Vincent Glielmi chanzlyn: Thanagarian Wonder Woman! This was such a fun mashup and I can’t wait to upgrade some bits and pieces.  I’ve always been a fan of the “what ifs” and I felt it was only natural to make a “What if Wonder Woman was a Thangarian?”  She already has the Eagle/Bird motif! There was a … [Read More...]

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Cosfest 2017 (Cosplay Photos)

It’s been four days since the curtain closed on the longest running Cosplay event in Singapore – Cosfest. Held at it’s usual den at the D’Marquee tent in Downtown East, the big event was held 2 months earlier than usual this year. I managed to scoot down one afternoon and got some photographs to show you guys who couldn’t be there. ; Cosfest Asia Facebook: ; ; ; I arrived somewhere near 4pm and … [Read More...]