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Valiant Force Pre-Registration now open

XII Braves’s latest mobile strategy game, Valiant Force, has now opened its pre-registration, and lots of in-game goodies await those who sign up, including an exclusive character and bonus items. Those who sign-up for pre-registration will be … [Read More...]

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Anime Depictions of Introverts and Extroverts

In our society, there are numerous categories that help define a person. When asked about an individual, it is easy to describe them by choosing a collection of these such as race or gender. While these groupings can be somewhat hurtful, they are mostly helpful in creating unity or learning more about ourselves.One of the more controversial labels are those that describe our interactions with the world. The word introvert describes those who gain … [Read More...]

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Grab your lab coats: Steins;Gate 0 gets a more affordable limited edition

If you feel that you won't be able to afford Stein;Gate 0's Amadeus Edition for the PS4 and Vita, the gang at PQube have concocted a new option for folks who want something special with their copy of the game. While this release of Steins;Gate 0 doesn't include the Fairy Upa, the Amadeus Pin and the game's soundtrack, you're still getting the artbook that came with the Amadeus Edition, which isn't too bad. The best part is that this version can … [Read More...]

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Falling Down and Getting Back Up the Geek Ladder

I don’t know how I never discovered this over the years. I found an article about the dangers of of friendship for geeks/nerds/fans because quite frankly, in-grouping and out-grouping can be disastrous. To sum up, these are 5 ideas that people believe are all good, but they aren’t.#1 Ostracizers are evil.#2 Friends accept me as I am.#3 Friendship before all.#4 Friendship is transitive.#5 Friends do everything together.I often wonder how a … [Read More...]

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GV Plaza to have exclusive One Piece Film Gold screening for One Piece cosplayers

Heads up One Piece fans here in Singapore, because on 19th August, Golden Village Plaza will be screening One Piece Film Gold, however, only people cosplaying as One Piece characters can watch! Known as ONE PIECE FILM GOLD – Singapore Book of Records, the event aims to set a Singapore record for most cosplayers in a One...Read MoreThe post GV Plaza to have exclusive One Piece Film Gold screening for One Piece cosplayers appeared first on … [Read More...]

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Happy 4th of July from Shooting Star Dreamer

Enjoy a picture of Iowa, our resident American ship girl! Hello anime fans and fellow otaku, and happy 4th of July! Since today is a holiday, expect a new anime-related post from this blog tomorrow. (I promise, we'll be back to our Japan-centered topics soon.)For now, I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday festivities. (for those of us who are in America.) Have a cook out, light some fireworks or sparklers, but most importantly, be safe!Until … [Read More...]

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Natsume Yuujinchou Photoshoot

Natsume Yuujinchou is one of those series with a promotional poster that never stands out yet blows you away when you least expected. Having four animated seasons under it’s belt with another one scheduled for this fall, you know there must be something behind it’s simple artwork and fat cat facade.Natsume Takashi: Kaika/ Elpheal Photo: Nik Assistance: Emilyfliptable & MeiAn Edit: Kaika/ElphealI’ve been an ardent fan of the … [Read More...]