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The Twelve Days of Anime: Music

Support the Artist!On the fourth day of Xmas, anime gave to me, a sweet sweet melody! Welcome to the fourth day of Xmas, continuing the special event "The Twelve Days of Anime." If this is the first post you're seeing, please take the time to read the introduction, so you know what's going on.Today's post is going to be short and sweet so don't expect a long read! Basically, today I want to share a on a few holiday-themed songs with you all that … [Read More...]

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A Not-So-Silent Rebuttal to Modern Parenting

For those who remember A Silent Voice and its painful moments, the pain returned in a short special chapter that focuses on the mother of the female lead, Shoko Nishimiya.To sum up, the short story shows how Shoko’s mother was trying to raise her deaf daughter in her attempts to normalize her before the events of the original manga. As readers of the manga know, this didn’t work as well as she would have liked. A key sequence began … [Read More...]

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Review: Watashi no Ookami-kun

I’m baaaaaaaack guys! Since I started living in Japan, you’d think that there’d be more manga reading at the manga cafes and more video game playing, but sadly this is not the case for this intrepid writer. Working, job searches and alcohol take up a lot of time when I’m not reading mostly josei and seinen manga (it’s my boyfriend’s fault, I swear). Anyway, here we are with a brief look at Watashi no … [Read More...]

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Viz – The Mass Media Behind My Mind

When people talk about how manga started becoming popular in the West, they would mention Tokyopop. After all, they got girls to read comics and popularized the Japanese right-to-left book format that was thought to be tough  for readers to handle. However, there was always one stable publisher that went along with the times despite a rough beginning - Viz Media. As fan convention season comes to an end in 2016, Viz is celebrating 30 years of … [Read More...]

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Iron Man and Space Brothers get a crossover manga for a Women’s Magazine

Marvel’s Iron Man is definitely no stranger to Japan, having a few adventures in the country, as well as having his own anime, and appearing in a crossover with Attack on Titan. Now, the Armored Avenger is appearing in a new collaboration manga by Space Brothers creator, Chuuya Koyama, where Tony Stark meets Space Brothers... Read More The post Iron Man and Space Brothers get a crossover manga for a Women’s Magazine appeared first on … [Read More...]

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How to make: Elsa’s (Frozen) sparkly shoes!

I first cosplayed Elsa more than a year ago in a private photoshoot with my friend Yuanie, cosplaying as Jack Frost. Since it was a photoshoot, I unabashedly decided to cut some corners and left out crafting her shoes. I playfully decided to bring the costume to Singapore Toy Games & Comic Convention this year and it dawned upon me that a sparkly pair of Elsa shoes had to be made!Especially since I needed to run around the halls to catch … [Read More...]